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Student Opportunities

Dr. Birmingham’s goal is to give students opportunities to fully understand the research experience, from strategizing how to capture a construct, to recruiting participants, to collecting, recording, entering, and coding data. Her students also fully participate in the process of data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings. Dr. Birmingham has taken her students to conferences across the world, including the American Psychosomatic Society meetings at the University of California, Berkeley (2017), Seville, Spain (2017) and Denver, CO (2016), the Society of Behavioral Medicine meeting in Washington, DC (2016), the International Association for Relationship Research meeting in Toronto, Canada (2016),​ at Rutgers University, NJ (2015), the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association meeting in Salt Lake City, UT (2017), the Society of Behavioral Medicine in Long Beach, CA (Postponed due to COVID-19), and The 21st World Congress of Psychophysiology in Geneva, Switzerland (2023). Her students have also presented at undergraduate conferences in Utah such as St. George, Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, and Cedar City. They have also presented in Asheville, North Carolina.​ Undergraduate students in her lab have been honored with multiple research awards including the MacLean Scholar Travel Award from APS, the Psi Chi Diversity in Research Award from RMPA, and Best Poster in Gerontology as well as the Best Overall Poster from the Mary Lou Fulton Conference. Her undergraduate students have also received numerous ORCA (Office of Research and Creative Activities) grants and ELF (Experiential Learning Fund) grants to pursue mentored research projects.

To get involved, please click on the 'Join' tab and email your completed application to the lab manager, Abby Williams.